OUT NOW brings together different ideas and views on the subject of design and production, and intersects these with the work of eleven international designers trained in the school in recent years. How can we interpret the role of designers? OUT NOW allows us to follow the paths of a young generation of designers who have left the classroom and experienced the possibilities of the field as creative apprentices.

Limited editions, self-production, prototypes and objects developed for the design system. The exhibition reveals the essence of each creative story and provides an overview of the many ways to design and fabricate ideas by connecting directly with matter itself.

The work presented has been produced from 2011 to today. Each offers a unique conceptual imprint. Together, they present the desire to deal with production and interpret the complexity of the development process, from idea to industrial product.

OUT NOW comprises a series of interviews gathered by the teachers of theschool, forming a crucial part of the project and accompanying the pieces.
SPD Scuola Politecnica di Design is the first postgraduate school for design disciplines in Italy. Founded in Milan in 1954 in Milan, it has witnessed the affirmation and international diffusion of Italian design. The school’s educational and research activity spans product, interior and communication design. Today SPD is an international laboratory for exchanging experiences, making contact with companies and professionals, for developing projects by keeping a balance between function and expression, and a solid orientation towards production and experimentation. OUT NOW is also testimony to this incredibly rewarding creative dialogue with companies, craftsmen and the various actors along the production chain.

Thanks to: Matteo Bazzicalupo, Ali Filippini, Antonello Fusetti, Diego Grandi, Marco Merendi, Matteo Pirola, Rita
Preatoni, Silvia Sfligiotti, Giorgio Tartaro, Huub Ubbens.

And to the companies: Belca, Desalto, DGO, Dust to Design, HAF, Hellotype, La Lampe, Made a Mano, MDF Italia, Poliform, Sancal, Serrature Meroni SpA, Show me, Un 4 verde.